KAI Kitchen Collection

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Kai Knife Sharpening Whetstone- 1000 Series
Sold Out
MRP Rs. 2,180.00
Offer Price Rs. 1853.00
Kai Seki Magoroku Imayou Small Santoku Kitchen Knife 14.5 cm
MRP Rs. 2,899.00
Offer Price Rs. 2435.00
Kai Seki Magoroku Imayou Gyuto Kitchen Knife 15 cm
MRP Rs. 3,099.00
Offer Price Rs. 2480.00
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Kai Hocho Premium Santoku Kitchen / Vegetable Knife (6.77 Inch Blade)
MRP Rs. 549.00
Offer Price Rs. 429.00
Kai Knife Sharpening Combination Whetstone Set 400-1000 Series
MRP Rs. 2,999.00
Offer Price Rs. 2399.00
Kai Shun Premier Kitchen Knife 2 Pc Set (Utility 6.5" and Chef's Knife 8")
MRP Rs. 26,899.00
Offer Price Rs. 21510.00
Kai Hocho Premium Carbon Steel Chef Knife (‎7.36")
MRP Rs. 749.00
Offer Price Rs. 448.00
Kai Hocho Utility Knife with High-Quality Stainless-Steel
MRP Rs. 170.00
Offer Price Rs. 152.00
Kai Hocho Slicing Knife
MRP Rs. 169.00
Offer Price Rs. 151.00
Kai Hocho Premium Nakiri Kitchen Knife for Chopping, Dicing and Mincing
MRP Rs. 649.00
Offer Price Rs. 518.00
Kai Kitchen Peeler T-Shaped for Fruits and Vegetables
MRP Rs. 259.00
Offer Price Rs. 229.00
Kai Hocho Premium Bread Kitchen Knife For Slicing Cakes Bread And Pastries
MRP Rs. 599.00
Offer Price Rs. 539.00
Kai Hocho Green Knife (Combo)
MRP Rs. 300.00
Offer Price Rs. 270.00
Kai peeling knife blue
MRP Rs. 130.00
Offer Price Rs. 110.00
Kai Sekimagoroku Honoka Santoku Knife 16.5 cm
MRP Rs. 2,880.00
Offer Price Rs. 2299.00
Kai Hocho Dicing Knife for Fruits & vegetables
MRP Rs. 169.00
Offer Price Rs. 151.00
Kai Shun Classic Paring Kitchen Knife 3.5" [DM0700]
MRP Rs. 8,499.00
Offer Price Rs. 6799.00