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Series 1300N KAI square head kitchen knife (with hanging hole) has a thick blade design, a square head that is very hard and sharp. The structure of the knife is suitable for cutting bones. The blade is thick, hard and sharp, creating clean and even cuts.

KAI knives are made of high-quality stainless steel, super durable and ensure hygiene and safety during use.

The blade is designed with a square head, wide and sharp edge to help you chop quickly and decisively with beautiful cuts. You should use a knife to cut small bones such as spare ribs, chicken bones, duck bones

Kai brand kitchen knife, square head Series 1300N, with hanging hole

The KAI 1300N SQUARE TIP KITCHEN KNIFE Meat Chopper is a part of the highly esteemed Japanese KAI knife line, known for its exceptional sharpness and durability. Created with cutting-edge Japanese technology and featuring a hanging hole for convenience, this particular kitchen knife has a distinct sharpness and longevity that sets it apart from other knives on the market.

Product information

- Brand: KAI.

- Made in Japan.

- Dimensions: blade length 18 cm, handle length: 12 cm

- Material: stainless steel, high quality plastic handle.

How to use a square-headed Kai kitchen knife

  • Specialized for chopping, slicing, and peeling



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